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Wax Mannequin

Wax Mannequin
Orchard & Ire
IHR002 (CD)
Infinite Heat records
July 3 2007
1. Animals Jump
2. Robots, Master and Lady
3. Price Paid in Full
4. You and All Your Friends
5. Animals Come Home
6. Everything Proper
7. Almost Everyone
8. Power Goes
9. Animals for Real
10. Worrier's Feast

  “By training his inner animal enough to let it run free with his muse, Wax Mannequin has given birth to a brilliant bestial gem of audio mythology.”

“like Cave covering Biohazard at a Mr. Bungle tribute night.”
–Now Magazine (NNNN)

"Make no mistake, Orchard & Ire might be a disc with a sense of humour, but Wax Mannequin definitely put a lot of heart into it and it's plenty enjoyable because of it."

Wax Mannequin
The Price
coqi records

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1. Tell the Doctor
2. The Price
3. Message from the Queen
4. Empty Glass
5. Bleed, Jimmy
6. Chance to Dance
7. Thing Game
8. Fuck Up the Night
9. R&R WND
10. Here

  "The Price is well-thought, clever and captivatingly weird...it's obvious the rock came calling for Wax Mannequin."

"The hour has come. Today, Wax Mannequin's The Price springs itself upon the world. Clouds will blush, towers topple and seas roil. Beasts of the field will ride the backs of the creatures of the air. Honey will flow through the desert. Clown hats will rain from the sky."
The Globe And Mail

"The Price is an eclectic brew of fuzzy lo-fi tinkering, rainy-day '80s balladry and balls-out devil-sign rock."
Eye Weekly

"Adeney has pulled off the ultimate feat: gently thumbing his nose at rock, while simultaneously creating the most rocking love-letter to the genre imaginable. The Price is a full-on rock-out, with a Waxy twist. The disc grinds and crunches, but it also chirps, meows and flutters. More tangent than Tangiers, The Price knocks rock on its ass.."
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